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Rivers Bend Lodge
$450/night/double occ. + $25 each add. person 
(max 8)

Trout House
$300/night/double occ. + $25 each add. person 
(max 6)

Eagle’s Nest House
$250/night/double occ. + $25 each add. person 
(max 8)

To Rent the Entire Facility, $1250

2786 Highway 89 South
Emigrant, MT 59027

Our newly built lodge and two vacation homes sit just feet from the banks of the Yellowstone River in the heart of Paradise Valley Montana, with 120 private acres including two trout ponds and a mile of premium flyfishing riverfront and exclusive views of Emigrant Mountain. We can host up to twenty-two people as a group (corporate events, reunions, and weddings), or three separate groups of anywhere from 4-8 people, each group with their own private lodging, kitchen, and bathrooms. All facilities are modern and eco-friendly...and our guests continually claim that we are the “best” in the greater Yellowstone area.

Recommended times to visit:

  • Family Vacations: June-August
  • Groups of Active Friends: April-May & September-November
  • Best Fly Fishing: April thru mid-May and August thru October
  • Wildlife: April-June & September-December
  • Winter Skiing, Snowmobiling & Snowshoeing in Yellowstone Park: December-February
Our location is one of the unique places in the world, just outside of Yellowstone National Park on the Yellowstone River - the longest free-flowing river in the contiguous United States. To many, it embodies the romantic notion of a wild and pure mountain river flowing through a beautiful Rocky Mountain valley. The valley’s human history is old and varied, with archeological remains of 10,000 year old hunter-gatherers adjacent to the lodge, and more recently we were the stomping grounds of the Crow Indians, Lewis and Clark, and early emigrants coming from the Oregon Trail in search of gold.

While privacy, peace and long lazy afternoons are our speciality, the outdoor activities are endless. We offer guide services to the best flyfishing around...along with custom paintings of your special catch. Or explore the mountain hiking and biking trails within minutes of our property or sightsee Yellowstone National Park and visit with the bear and bison. Horseback riding, whitewater rafting, and nature educational classes await you. We can even arrange nature courses for you at the lodge, from renowned experts in their field. For dining, you can save money by cooking in your private kitchen, or we can stock your fridge before you arrive, or enjoy fine dining prepared for you by your own personal chef. And, just to make sure no need goes unmet, our concierge service can help you with any special requests.

Our place is yours. Our knowledge of the lakes, rivers and mountains is yours. And our access to the best local destinations is hospitably yours as well.

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